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Monday, August 18, 2008 8:55 am
Games You Can Play with Your Bookgroup
Posted by: Kaite Stover

Like most book group leaders, I’m always looking around for something interesting to do with my faithful attendees to keep the gathering fresh and fun and unpredictable.

There have been plenty of great suggestions in this blog for how to spice up the meeting when chat has taken a u-turn into dullsville. I’ve used most of them.

Recently I was culling the titles on book groups I’ve collected over the years and ran into this little gem, Literary Trivia: Fun and Games for Book Lovers by Richard Lederer and Michael Gilleland. I’ve been a fan of Lederer’s since I was a kid. Reading Lederer led me to 1066 and All That by W. C. Sellar and Spoonerisms, Sycophants and Sots by Donald Black.

I found oodles of trivia, games and mind benders to tease my discussion group. There are lots of first-line, last-line guessing lists, along with “name that fictional location.” But my favorite, and the one I can’t wait to spring on my group is from the chapter, Still Hot Off the Press.

A sampling: King Kills his Father, then Marries Woman Old Enough to be his Mother–And She Is!!

Marooned on Coral Island, British Preppies Kill Each Other!

Woman Knits Whole Wardrobes During Public Executions!

and my favorite: Lord of Manor Frightened to Death by Giant Phosphorescent Dog!

Consider writing your own faux news headlines from the books your group has read in the past year and let everyone guess at the year end round up.

If you need answers, just let me know.

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  1. Greg Says:

    Hi, if you liked 1066 and all that you should try 2066 and all that. It’s full of excellent jokes – and my friend wrote it!

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