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Tuesday, May 5, 2009 10:19 am
Face(book) the Book Club
Posted by: Kaite Stover

Last month, I lost two dear friends from my Saturday morning book club. They were two of the founding members and besides being articulate and thoughtful readers, they became great buddies and we wound up doing many more things besides talking about books every other month. I think pub trivia and museum wine events surpassed book group, but we always wound up talking about books no matter where we went.

Briana and Christa did not want to lose touch with their other book group buddies and asked if there was some way I could keep us connected and talking about reading.

Well, I found a way. I had thought I’d just form an e-distribution list for us all or create a monthly event on one of the social networking site we all belong to.

Then, Facebook made it easier for all of us. A new application called Book Clubs (what else?) was created late last year by the biblio-technos at Social Gears LLC and Third Set Media LLC. I paid the Book Clubs app a visit and in less than ten minutes had created the e-version of Common Grounds, uploaded our next book, commented on our last one, and invited my two friends and a couple of others to join.

I think this will be the answer to Christa and Briana’s request to keep us all in touch and talking to each other. We can get on the Common Grounds FB site whenever it’s convenient and every time we post, other members will get a notification.

It’s an open group, so if you have an interest in joining, feel free. Learn a little more about Book Clubs on Facebook from this press release.

5 Responses to “Face(book) the Book Club”
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  2. Rusty Weston Says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience with Book Clubs on Facebook, Kaite.We don’t expect to replace existing face-to-face reading groups, but for friends who can’t meet regularly or desire an online organizational tool to track books & comments, we have a solution. Using Book Clubs, you can join as many groups as you’d like and can meet other book lovers who share your passion for certain authors or literary genres. See you online!

  3. iLibrarian » Facebook Book Clubs Says:

    [...] Stover of the Kansas City Public Library writes for Booklist about using the Book Clubs application in Facebook to extend the library’s face-to-face book [...]

  4. Leverne McBeth Says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I have a book club on a community college campus and members come and go all the time. “Book Club” on Facebook will be helpful resource for students who can not meet the regular on campus discussions.

  5. Facebook Book Clubs - Says:

    […] Stover of the Kansas City Public Library writes for Booklist about using the Book Clubs application in Facebook to extend the library’s face-to-face book […]

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