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Sunday, June 14, 2009 4:25 pm
Farewell Blog
Posted by: admin


This will be my last blog on Book Group Buzz. After 126 blogs and a year and a half discussing book clubs, I want to thank everyone who responded or questioned or commented on my various reading group dilemmas and book-searches. I loved sharing my discoveries with you. My search for great new books will continue, and I’ll still be writing reviews for, so I’ll try to make sure my major finds appear there.

As a last contribution, I had to share this exciting new postcard we’ll be giving out at this month’s Pride festivities for our Seattle Gay and Lesbian Book Club. Photo and design by Monderen Photography — in other words, my dear friend, Jacob. That’s my little feller, Buddy, posing for us.

I wish all of you in book groups many more stimulating discussions and provocative titles to explore.

2 Responses to “Farewell Blog”
  1. Mary Ellen Says:

    You will be sorely missed, Nick. You lent a distinctive voice, your posts never failed to be interesting, and you challenged us to look beyond standard book group fare.

  2. Misha Says:

    You will be sorely missed, Nick! I also meant to comment that I had a similar predicament with “Fun Home” when my group discussed it. We had a fine discussion, but I think I loved that book so much that I was disappointed not to find everyone else swooning over it as I did. Not a good way to approach a discussion, for sure! Thanks again for sharing your stories, and introducing so many wonderful authors in translation!

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