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Wednesday, January 27, 2010 10:00 am
Neil's New Sci Fi and Fantasy Book Group Guide Is Here
Posted by: admin

9781591587033bookA copy of what looks like a wonderful book group resource just arrived in my office. It’s Fellowship in a Ring: A Guide for Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Groups, by Book Group Buzz’s own Neil Hollands. In addition  to offering advice on starting and running a sci fi/fantasy book group, Neil explains the genres and their various subgenres. He also provides discussion guides for 50 recommended science fiction and fantasy titles, and suggested works and questions for 40 different speculative fiction themes. Great stuff, Neil!

3 Responses to “Neil's New Sci Fi and Fantasy Book Group Guide Is Here”
  1. Neil Hollands Says:

    Thanks for the plug Mary Ellen! This book is a labor of love for me, combining may favorite subjects. Whether your group is entirely devoted to SF & F or just willing to dabble in genre fiction, there should be materials to help. If you work at a library or other institution that supports SF/F groups or collections of these genres, I hope you’ll consider it too.

    Just for the record, I had no role in the selection of the anatomically correct Pegasus or the brightly-lipsticked alien on the otherwise lovely cover. I did pick the title because I thought it apt to my experience of book groups–I hope Tolkien isn’t rolling in his grave. Enjoy!

  2. Kaite Stover Says:

    Ordering my copy NOW! And you’d better sign it at ALA!

  3. Rebecca Vnuk Says:

    hm, apparently I need to take a closer look at that cover… : ) Congrats Neil, can’t wait to read it!

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