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Archive for April, 2010

Mon, April 19th, 2010
Women's Fic Picks: Allison Winn Scotch
Posted by: Rebecca Vnuk

Any of Allison Winn Scotch’s novels would be a great choice for a lighter women’s fiction book discussion.  She has an easygoing writing style, a fabulous sense of humor, and writes about very realistic characters going through some very unrealistic challenges. For example, in my personal favorite,  Time of My Life, Jillian is tired.  Tired […]

Sun, April 18th, 2010
Brother, I'm Dying
Posted by: Misha Stone

I just finished Edwidge Danticat‘s Brother, I’m Dying, her memoir about her father, the uncle who raised her and her homeland, Haiti, and I am literally breathless. This is one powerful story, told with a level-headed elegance that belies the heartbreak it must have been for Danticat to experience and write. From the very first […]

Sat, April 17th, 2010
Saturday Smirk #47
Posted by: Kaite Stover

The Tower Mews Literary, Reading and Discourse Society is a tad particular regarding whom they allow to enter their hallowed halls of biblio-discussery. Unworthy novices may be crushed upon entry by the amount of reading expected.

Fri, April 16th, 2010
RA for All and Summer Reads from EW
Posted by: Neil Hollands

One of my regular stops for useful book news is RA for All. Becky at Berwyn Library in Illinois puts together one of the finest one-person reading blogs I’ve seen, with regular updates, diverse content, and a nose for information that’s both timely and practical. Today she pointed to another site–Entertainment Weekly‘ s list of […]

Thu, April 15th, 2010
Women's Fic Picks
Posted by: Rebecca Vnuk

I’d really like to thank folks for the comments on my post about the mom’s book group. Most of you agreed that I needed to poll the group, and not just assume that they wouldn’t want to read literary fiction. Well, the results are in!  The members actually want a good mix of books – […]

Wed, April 14th, 2010
More Help for Memoir Hungry Groups
Posted by: Kaite Stover

If I appear to write on this topic with some frequency it’s because I always need help selecting good memoirs and biographies for my book groups. I don’t naturally gravitate towards that genre and rely heavily on suggestions from fellow facilitators, book group members, and reading pals. Rich Roche’s book couldn’t come at a better […]

Tue, April 13th, 2010
Who Belongs in the Library of America?
Posted by: Neil Hollands

A critic for Newsweek, Malcolm Jones, recently published an online piece suggesting that recent writers and subjects selected for inclusion in Library of America are not worthy of the honor. To some degree, Jones is guilty of garden variety snobbery–biases at least as old as those held by 1890s librarians who wanted to keep the […]

Mon, April 12th, 2010
Beatles Book Group
Posted by: Misha Stone

 After watching the Beatles’ 1964 appearance on the Ed Sullivan show last year on a PBS pledge-drive, I found myself bitten with the Beatlemania bug. Since I wasn’t alive in the ’60s, I didn’t simply know by osmosis that the Beatles made their amazing cultural impact and extraordinary musical strides in just 7 years. Not […]

Sat, April 10th, 2010
Saturday smirk
Posted by: Kaite Stover

Maude was fired as facilitator from her book group after one too many poor selections.

Fri, April 9th, 2010
A Bitter and Sweet Discussion Experience
Posted by: Ted Balcom

When a group of library science students at Dominican University recently discussed Jamie Ford’s The Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, the reactions were split.  Some of them liked the book, and some of them didn’t.  Pretty typical, as far as I’m concerned, although it’s always interesting to see where the differences lie. […]

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