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Thursday, October 21, 2010 8:10 am
Open Season leads to open conversation
Posted by: Kaite Stover

Mysterious Undertakings at Waldo Community Library, a branch of The Kansas City Public Library, gladly agreed to accommodate a drop in visitor who took copious notes and photographs. But then Waldo welcomes all newcomers and on this particular night, there was more than one newbie.

Mysterious Undertakings meets the first Monday of every month in a meeting room at Waldo Community Library. The members take turns choosing the books and the selector leads the discussion. Facilitators Ann and Marty make certain the room is booked, cleaned, and set up. Another participant brings tea and everyone is free to bring their own tea cup. (If you use one of the Library mugs, you must wash it yourself before you go.) open-season

At this discussion, Phil led discussion on the first Joe Pickett novel, Open Season. Phil knew that author C.J. Box was likely familiar with many of the attendees and he took the time to point out that conversation had to be focused on the book, not the author.

Readers spent a merry hour discussing numerous issues including the character of Joe’s wife, and if it was realistic to expect her character to tolerate a relationship in which finances of her family are so strained. Then they turned to the character of Joe and his struggles to do the right thing for the environment, the livelihood of the residents, and his own family. This was a topic of endless fascination for attendees, threatened species and advancing development and economic survival of a town.

One reader saw the similarities to Zane Grey in this mystery and said it was a western with a detective instead of a cowboy, which lead to a conversation about blending the two genres.

All in attendance agreed that the Joe Pickett mysteries were a series that got better with each entry and always provided worthy points to ponder about the environment.

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  1. Keir Says:

    Among the great pleasures of my book-reviewing career was inheriting the Joe Pickett series from Bill Ott. Bill was an early champion of the books (his review of Open Season must have made the then-unknown Mr. Box very happy)–but, when he went on sabbatical, I took over and Bill was kind enough not to take it back.

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