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Friday, October 22, 2010 9:05 am
My Favorite Websites: The Millions
Posted by: Neil Hollands

Here’s another great websites for book groupers to add to their surfing schedule: The Millions. Editor C. Max Magee and a fine group of staff writers and guest contributors have put together a site with superb coverage of literature and the arts. The books that they feature tend to be the kind that would make good choices for book groups. The articles and essays are well done, and the front page rotates consistently with links to a variety of interesting content from around the book-oriented Internet. I like their book lists, which are varied and unusual.

A quick look through The Millions today revealed a paeon to Robert Graves, a nice review of Keith Richards’ new memoir Life, and an elegant elegy for the joys of reading from paper. I took an extended stroll through Max’s reading list, adding a few titles to my own queue. A jog through the “Curiosities” led me to other fine book blogs. The only down side of The Millions for me is that it is a bit cluttered with advertising and paid links, but that’s a reality of book sites without major sponsorship. At least the ads here tend to be related to more arts and culture content.

Give The Millions a look once a week for the next month. If you’re like me, it will become part of your regular blog roll.

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