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Monday, December 13, 2010 7:46 am
Book, a Destination
Posted by: Kaite Stover

My lunchtime book group doesn’t spend too much time bemoaning the state of the book. They are a tolerant lot and welcome any reader with any device. I never know how Jenn is going to bring her book to the discussion, sometimes it’s on her nook, sometimes she brings the audio CD, but usually she brings the trade paperback.

They like to talk about where to go for books, all formats, and they do not differentiate between libraries and book stores. They talk about literary events in the metro area and it doesn’t take long before someone mentions a great bookstore in another city and encourages everyone to visit.

In a recent New York Times article in the Sunday Travel section, San Francisco’s thriving literary scene was featured prominently on the front page (yeah, I read the analog version). It’s a mecca for book lovers and it seems there’s a book discussion going on in every bookstore, bar, and sidewalk café at any time of day or night. Writer/journalist Gregory Dicum was in town for Litquake, the annual literary festival and lovingly describes all the bustling biblio-activity and social events surrounding books and reading.

He drops in on bookstores and author events, watering holes with poetry readings, even a private library. If he didn’t see much else of the city, a reader could hardly blame him and likely will be following in his footsteps soon. Dicum makes San Francisco a definite destination spot for readers.

I can hear Joan planning her Kindlesque vacation for next July already.

One Response to “Book, a Destination”
  1. Nancy Ann Gazo Says:

    I’m tolerant of all formats, as well! Hey, whatever gets a person reading – print or digital – I’m unbiased. Any snob with a beef against either should just be glad the subject of their derision is reading at all…

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