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Wednesday, December 15, 2010 7:48 am
Book swap
Posted by: Kaite Stover

I just heard a great idea for a year-end book group meeting. Book Swap.

I won’t be doing a book swap this year since we have another activity planned, but it’s definitely on the calendar for next year and it doesn’t even have to wait until next December.

Encourage everyone to come to the next discussion with a favorite book they are willing to part with. Readers do book talks, giving a summary of the plot and characters, and then ask them to talk about the most appealing aspects of the book and compare it to something else.

Probably a good idea for the facilitator to keep a list of all the books talked about in case more than one person wants a book. Share the list and then readers can place holds.

How to fairly distribute? After the book talks, put all the books on the table in the middle, have attendees pull numbers out of a hat and choose in order. Or harken back to your elementary school days, put all the books in a big, colorful bag, and have each person pull one out without looking. Book Grab Bag.

Hee. Might be even more fun to have all the attendees wrap up the books, put them in the bag and have each member pull a wrapped book out of the bag. As the book is unwrapped, the donor can give a book talk.

There are plenty of ways to play with this activity for book groups at year’s end. But don’t forget the cookies.

2 Responses to “Book swap”
  1. Malissa Says:

    My book club does this twice a year- Christmas and July. We wrap the books, draw numbers to decide who opens in what order and then have opportunities to steal from each other. Once the book is stolen twice it can’t be stolen again. Makes for great fun and everyone goes home with a new great book!

  2. Kate Z Says:

    This idea must be gaining footing … our book group just planned this too!

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