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Wednesday, December 22, 2010 3:08 pm
Serving "outside" book clubs at the library…
Posted by: Rebecca Vnuk

A few weeks ago I wondered about the logistics of adding different book clubs to the roster of what you may already be doing at your library.  Then I came across this article on Patch which shows us another way to look at it.

The LaGrange Park (IL) Public Library assists 40 different book clubs.  (This reminds me of a similar service that is offered at the Glen Ellyn (IL) Public Library)

Every  library’s mission is to serve the public, and book clubs are part of our public.  Yet I’ve heard some librarians grouse occasionally that they don’t have the time or the space to assist “outside” book clubs.

That’s not only contrary to our mission, but a real loss of potential for PR and general library goodwill.  From my experience with the program at GEPL, yes, it took a bit of time for the staff person who ran it, but, it was simply part of the ILL  job description and the process itself was not difficult.  We made at least 200 people happy every month who otherwise may not have been regular library users.

2 Responses to “Serving "outside" book clubs at the library…”
  1. Alex Says:

    Did you really get enough spam submissions at Glen Ellyn that there was a need to add Captcha authenticators?

  2. Rebecca Vnuk Says:

    Actually it’s just a feature of the form submission module in the program that the library uses – I think the web developer just decided to leave it across the site. :)

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