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Wednesday, July 27, 2011 9:19 am
Book Groups turning more to e-readers
Posted by: Kaite Stover

In yesterday’s Booklist webinar “Book Group Buzzing,”  moderator/panelist Rebecca Vnuk discussed trends in reading groups. One of them was the growing number of participants  attending book group with an e-reader in hand. I know I’ve seen a growing number of my book group attendees bring e-readers to the discussion.

Recently Reading Group Choices released the results of a survey asking book group members about the e-readers they are using and how many participants are reading the selection in electronic format. The responses show that 25% book group members are using an e-reader and the majority are using a Kindle followed by the Nook. Read more here.

Rebecca’s query to the webinar attendees is one many facilitators and book group attendees are taking into consideration: How important will format be when selecting a title for discussion? If the title is not available in a digital format, will that keep some members from attending?

It’s not going to be much extra work for library book group leaders to check on an additional format. We’re used to looking for large print and audio formats for our readers. We may need to provide our e-reader users with multiple e-book sources for download when possible. We don’t want to lose this segment of our reading public. In fact, thanks to e-readers, I’m seeing more folks show up for discussions.

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