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Wednesday, May 22, 2013 8:41 am
Putting the Fun in Funerals: The Lefty Award
Posted by: Kaite Stover

2013_mystery-month-buttonThe Lefty Award is my favorite Mystery novel award. It’s given to the best humorous mystery by the attendees of the annual Left Coast Crime convention.

girlnextdoorBook groups with a penchant for crime fiction will get a kick out of these current winners and nominees and past winners and nominees. Just because the book is funny doesn’t mean it’s not discussable. For starters, ask readers how the author is using humor to build character, reveal crucial information, advance plot, or set tone.

From a stellar crop of titles, The Girl Next Door by Brad Parks, took home top honors.

Because funny reading is usually damn hard writing. Here’s a link to this year’s nominees and winners, awarded in March. And here’s one to previous winners.

3 Responses to “Putting the Fun in Funerals: The Lefty Award”
  1. Nancy G. West Says:

    Dear Kaite Stover and Booklist,
    Thanks for highlighting this year’s nominees and winners for the Lefty Award for the best humorous mysteries of 2012!
    It’s true: funny reading can be hard writing. But we authors love seeing humor in the world through the eyes of our beloved, quirky protagonists. Need some chuckles? Join us!

    Nancy G. West
    Fit to be Dead, 1st Aggie Mundeen Mystery: Lefty Award Finalist

  2. Cindy Sample Says:

    When I first discovered that authors could combine humor in their mysteries, I was in homicide heaven. When I embarked on my own writing career, I really came to appreciate the difficulties of combining the two. It’s a constant juggling act between chuckles and suspense.

    Thanks for recognizing this year’s Lefty winner and all of the terrific finalists!

    Cindy Sample
    Lefty Finalist for DYING FOR A DANCE (2011)

  3. Michelle Says:

    This book is hilarious. Will not let you down just read it in 2 days. Laughed so many times. Very clever and such an easy read :)

    Required Reading: The Education and Maturation of Real Johnson

    Enjoy everyone

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